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AGTA Home Health Care was founded by Vince Agovino in 2000.  Vince has been caring for people since 1995. During that time he discovered that the challenges in organizing home care for loved ones wishing to remain at home were numerous and formidable.


When Vince graduated from University, he applied his knowledge and experience toward the creation of a company focused on providing one source for all the products and services one would need in order to remain home while aging, injured, disabled, simply needing some additional support around the home, while at the same time enabling the success of the company by employing the most technologically advanced tools and software available.

He created the first company in Canada to provide accountable, superior care for those in need while at the same time providing them with a place to obtain high quality medical supplies for sale and rent along with access to home modification/barrier free construction services, all at reasonable prices.

AGTA Values

At AGTA we live by a simple set of values that govern everything we do. These values have formed the foundation on which we have built our success and serve as a compass for our journey to delivering the excellence our clients expect. They are:

Accountability vs Mediocrity

Client First vs Me First

Respect vs Disrespect

Solutions Based vs Problems Based

Trust vs Suspicion


Unity vs Ego

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